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iPOWER (Self-Empowering) Foundation Programme

Our iPOWER Foundation Programme is a compulsory, entry level foundation programme and focuses on teaching participants basic life skills, personal health, cleaning, laundry and cooking skills over 15 days. When funding is available, entrepreneurial and basic computer skills are added to this programme. By equipping students with those additional skills, we increase the employability of our beneficiaries and their ability to start their own small businesses should they wish to do so. Learners can either opt to exit training after completing this programme or choose to proceed to one of three Advanced Programmes offered by us.

This programme serves to:

  • orientate our students to a learning environment.
  • enrich our students through personal life skills development.
  • provide basic generic and workplace competencies needed in any workplace situation, be it as  a home-based carer, a hospital assistant, an old age home assistant, a child carer or minder, a waiter/bartender or a kitchen assistant.

Our Programme comprises five modules with the following outcomes:

  • Life skills: Self-development, telephone etiquette, receptionist skills, effective communication, conflict management, goal setting, problem-solving, team work, leadership, and how to search for a job.
  • Cleaning skills: The correct use of cleaning equipment, using different cleaning methods, how to clean different surfaces and floor coverings, pest control, how to clean different areas in the workplace, how to plan your work day. This module also focuses on outcomes like health and well-being, personal hygiene, HIV/AIDS awareness, substance misuse awareness, child abuse awareness, safety measures in the home, safety and security, and personal responsibility.
  • Laundry skills: How to properly care for clothes during the washing process, mending articles, and cleaning the laundry and appliances.
  • Kitchen skills: Organising kitchens, using electrical appliances, following a recipe effectively, planning balanced and nutritious meals, preparing meals effectively and serving meals.
  • Money management skills: Financial goal setting, budgeting, financial terms when using credit, planning purchases, using a calculator, and planning for your own business.

We offer welfare support and mentorship to our students throughout out programmes and during early employment. So don’t despair if you’re struggling with certain challenges, we are here to help you overcome all those obstacles in your way.