Food Service Assistant Programme

We have partnered with the Chef’s Training & Innovation Academy (CTIA) to present the Cathsseta accredited Food Service Assistant programme at our Bergzicht Training and Development campus in Stellenbosch. The current programme runs over 13 weeks. Bergzicht Training and Development is aiming to obtain their own QCTO Skills Programme accreditation by July 2024 and will be offering the Food Handler Part Qualification: 110644. The programme will run over 10 weeks (7 weeks theory and practical training on-campus plus 3 weeks work intergrated learing practical training in the local hospitality and tourism industry).  Students are taught the basic entrance skills to an industrial kitchen, workplace safety and kitchen hygiene, equipment handling and care, foor preparation, cooking methods and garnishing skills. 

Our programme will prepare you for employment opportunities as a professionally trained, cook, kitchen assistant and junior assistant chef in the hospitality and tourism industries. On completion, our students are often placed in well-known restaurants, guest houses, hotels and at wine estates in and around Stellenbosch.

Our modules include:

  • Maintaining health, hygiene and professional appearance
  • Maintaining a safe working environment
  • Cleaning food production areas, equipment and utensils
  • Handling and maintaining utensils and equipment
  • Handling and storing food
  • Maintaining hygiene in food preparation, cooking and storage
  • Handling and maintaining knives
  • Preparing and cooking basic fish dishes
  • Preparing vegetables for hot and cold dishes
  • Preparing and cooking basic egg dishes
  • Preparing and cooking basic sauces and soups
  • Preparing and cooking basic meats and poultry dishes
  • Preparing and cooking basic rice dishes
  • Preparing and cooking basic pasta dishes
  • Preparing and cooking starch
  • Preparing and cooking basic dough products
  • Communicating Verbally 3
  • Preparing and clearing areas for table service
  • Preparing and clearing areas for counter service
  • Preparing for service and clearing function areas
  • Preparing and storing cleaning equipment and materials
  • Handling and disposing of waste

“I have learned so much here at Cavalli from our previous sous chef and I am looking forward to learning many new things from our current head chef too. My dream is actually to become a chef myself and who knows, maybe one day I’ll even own my own restaurant.” – Cherelene Newman, Commis Chef at the well-known Equus Dine restaurant just outside Stellenbosch