Toevallige ontmoeting met Bergzicht alumnus verander Odette Robyn se lewe

Odette Robyn looks content as she sits down in the head nurse’s office at Geluksoord, a retirement home in Stellenbosch, to talk about how her life has changed over the last two years following a chance encounter with a Bergzicht alumnus she only knows as Beulah. “I remember sitting in church one day and a

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Bergzicht het my geleer om op my regte as huishoudingsassistent aan te dring

Graduate Ntombomzi Mdandalaza reflects on her days as a student at Bergzicht Training and what she learnt there more than two decades ago Ntombomzi Mdandalaza, a domestic assistant who has managed the household of a busy couple in Stellenbosch for the last year, is one of the first students to have enrolled at Bergzicht Training

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Voorheen werklose jong man nou eerste assistent-sjef by bekende wynlandgoed

If you had met Wesley Smith last year, you would have been forgiven for mistaking him as yet another young man focused only on partying and having a good time. Today, 21-year-old Smith from Idas Valley in Stellenbosch has changed his life around and works as a first assistant chef at the Wine Lounge of

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Joining hands to change the fate of Stellenbosch youth

For the last four years, local government and NGOs in Stellenbosch have joined hands to help change the fate of many poor, unskilled or semi-skilled, and unemployed youth in Stellenbosch and from the looks of it, that collaboration has been reaping many fruits. On 15 June, 13 students who completed Bergzicht Training’s City & Guilds’

We’re celebrating our 25th birthday in March!

Bergzicht Training celebrated its 25th birthday on Monday, 6 March, and was fortunate to have co-founder, Cecile Kotze, as well as the new Chairman of their Board, Mr Nathan Motjuwadi, and more than 90 current students at the celebrations. During the celebration, Kotze encouraged the students to make use of the opportunities offered to them

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Bergzicht Training and Development alumnus shares journey to becoming chef at Muratie

Bergzicht Training alumnus and Muratie chef Marco Williams, 28, was the guest speaker at a recent canapé brunch event prepared by 14 students who completed seven weeks of the non- governmental organisation’s 10-week City & Guilds’ Professional Cooking and Food and Beverage Service Programme. Bergzicht helps poor, unskilled, semi-skilled and unemployed persons in the Western

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Mowers inspired to become frail care assistant after caring for bedridden grandmother

When Krystal Mowers from Kylemore was 13 years old, she became a caretaker to her bedridden grandmother along with her mother and aunt. This experience would years later fuel her dream to become a frail care assistant. “My grandmother was bedridden and lived with my aunt most of the year, but during the holidays, she

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