Work Placement is central to helping us reach one of our main objectives, which is to secure permanent employment for students following their training. We are registered with the Department of Labour and our Mentoring and Support team focuses on marketing our graduates and building relationships with potential employers such as guest houses, old age homes, hospitals, clinics, crèches, day care centres and private individuals.

Work Placement focuses on:

  • recruiting, interviewing and selecting candidates,
  • placing candidates who have completed their programme in full-time employment,
  • obtaining feedback from employers regarding the performance of working students in order to ensure that our training remains on par with industry standards and to identify working students who are in need of special coaching to better adjust to the workplace, and
  • offering continual mentoring and support to placed graduates for up the to first year of employment.

Potential employees are evaluated for placement through telephonic and e-mail interaction as well as face-to-face interviews.

Employers who are interested in employing our graduates, can further assist Bergzicht Training and Development in their mission by making a donation of R500, that will go towards a free three-month employee replacement should the working relationship between the employee and employer not work out as planned.

To interview and/or employ one of our graduates, please contact or 021 883 3525.

We also offer the following support to employers:

  • Guidance regarding the latest employment requirements based on the Basic Employment Act.
  • Ongoing monitoring to measure the working relationship between both parties and to understand where our training is falling short and where we are doing well.