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Bergzicht Training and Development Campus Feeding Programme ensuring study success for beneficiaries

Thanks to a generous donation from the Jannie Mouton Foundation, Bergzicht Training was able to establish a Campus Feeding Programme in March this year to provide beneficiaries with a light lunch each day after many of the organisation’s beneficiaries had fallen on hard times during the pandemic. “Bergzicht Training contacted the Jannie Mouton Foundation for

Goodbye to social worker with heart of gold

Bergzicht Training recently said goodbye to its volunteer social worker and Stellenbosch resident, Annette Scott, who will be relocating to Cape Town. Annette has been volunteering her services at Bergzicht Training since 2015 by offering wellness support and mentorship to beneficiaries studying at the NGO as well graduates in their first few months of employment.

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The world may be unequal, but everyone can contribute to changing it

German exchange student Leonie Schmidt talks about her internship experience at Bergzicht Training and the reasons she believe that “empowering young people and guiding them into secure employment is one of the most difficult, yet most important tasks for contemporary South Africa”. In 2015, Leonie Schmidt, a 22-year old German exchange student in Psychology from

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Annette Scott’s chatterbox helps students to reach out

When you enter the student tea room at Bergzicht Training, one of the first things you will spot is volunteer and qualified social worker Annette Scott’s yellow, tin teabag holder. It has been nicknamed the Chatterbox, because this is exactly what it does. It allows students struggling with various challenges in their lives to connect

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