“We don’t realise how important it is to have a trained health and safety officer on site until we are faced with an accident where someone requires immediate first aid care until professional medical help arrives.”

These are the words of Bergzicht Training and Development’s CEO, Ms Renske Minnaar, about the certified first aid course that Bergzicht Training and Development now offers to corporates. Bergzicht Training and Development is an NGO and accredited HWSETA training provider dedicated to developing the skills of poor, unemployed, unskilled and semi-skilled individuals from communities in the Western Cape through its skills development programmes and courses.

“According to the Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 of South Africa, employers are required by law to always have a health and safety officer on site who is in possession of at least a level 1 certified first aid certificate,” explains Minnaar.

The FIRST AID FOR ALLcourse is a registered, two-day basic entry level 1 skills programme certified by HWSETA. Bergzicht Training and Development will offer the course to corporates as well as learners from Grade 10 onwards, school teachers, students, local government and hospitality employees based in Stellenbosch and the immediate areas surrounding the town.

The course is aimed at candidates with no prior experience in First Aid practice and who are first responders in an emergency where first aid skills are required.  The course consists of two units, basic life support and first aid procedures, and wound care.

Persons who wish to be trained in first aid, will be required to learn the following:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Responsibilities of the first aider
  • Emergency scene management
  • Bleeding and control of bleeding
  • Treatment of shock and CPR
  • Assisting a choking patient
  • Caring for wounds in the workplace

The course will cost R1 265 per delegate.

“By choosing Bergzicht Training and Development as a service provider, participants will not only be learning an essential skill, but will be giving back to the community as well. Funds generated from offering this course to the public will go towards the funding of the other programmes we offer unemployed, unskilled and semi-skilled individuals in and around Stellenbosch.”

To book your space or for more information about the course, you can contact Abigail at reception@bergzicht.org.zaor at 021 883 3525 between 08:00 and 16:30.