Thanks to Bergzicht, Pniel resident Leonie Peterson, Certified Child Care assistant has become a full-time teacher’s assistant at Junior Akademie in Stellenbosch.

“I was just hanging around the house. I was constantly looking for work without any success,” Leonie says. “My practical training at Junior Akademie led to an employment opportunity there. I currently have a full-time post there as a Teacher’s Assistant.”

“There are so many advantages to my current career. For the first time ever, I have access to a medical fund. The quality of life for my husband and three kids have increased. I am so grateful for the new self-confidence that I gained with the needed training, employment opportunities and so much more. The camp was a big challenge, but I also showed personal growth through the experience. My dream is to start my own crèche in Pniel.”

Leonie’s employer, Loraine du Plessis-Smit, principal at Junior Akademie says, “It is an absolute pleasure to work with Leonie. She is caring and warm towards our children, dedicated to her work, and a wonderful role model for our staff. It is lovely to work with such a balanced and prompt person.”