Accredited Frail Care Worker, Tanya Samuels of Lanquedoc, feel her life is progressing at last, thanks to Bergzicht’s training and opportunities. “It was very difficult to have no qualification to my name. Because of Bergzicht my life is now going forward. My life has become excellent!”

“I enjoyed the Frail Care class a lot.The practical was the best, to work with patients and to learn how to treat them. I look forward to going to work every day. I even learnt how to help during my own family’s crises, like I knew how to help my grandfather. I can now help so many people! I enjoy being in the community where people need my help, and I love new challenges and I am looking forward to getting a lot more experience.”

Her WIL supervisor at old age home Azaleahof, Sister Charnay Schoeman, Azaleahof says: “Tanya is definitely an asset. She is always friendly, shows respect and has a beautiful attitude towards staff, as well as the the residents.”