A total of 12 students from Bergzicht Training recently graduated from the institution’s Edu Care Programme and are now available to take up positions as education assistants at a number of educational facilities. As part of their training our graduates complete a 13-week programme covering a range of important topics like child development, perception challenges, age-appropriate creative activities, literature for different stages of childhood development, baby care, and preparing a balanced meal. They also complete a certified two-day Level 1 First Aid course and a work-integrated learning opportunity at an Educare institution to gain valuable practical experience in the classroom. Through the programme our graduates are equipped to become education assistants at crèches and day care centres, in children’s playgroups, and to work as au pairs.

If you would like arrange an interview with one of our graduates, you can contact our Placement Bureau Officer, Sinazo Gosani, at employ@bergzicht.org.za or 021 883 3525 for a copy of the CV of the graduate/s you are interested in employing and to arrange an interview with the graduate/s at our offices in Stellenbosch.

You can also find out more about the graduates who recently completed our Edu Care Programme by clicking here.

Photo: Our graduates spreading some Christmas cheer in their Santa hats in December 2017. (Lynne Rippenaar-Moses)